About JEM

Who are we?

We are a small group of three people, one programmer and two artists, based in Poland.
Game development has always been something that we’ve pursued for a long time, and now, our first game is finally coming to life.

Adam Majcherek (aka Demon, Unsigned Long) Youtube Linkedin

A one-man army would be a good description of my role, as I can do pretty much anything that is not related to creating 3D or 2D Art from scratch, as I’m not particularly gifted in that area 🙁
Level Design, Game Design, Gameplay Programming, Extending Engines, Networking, you name it.
Multiplayer games have always been something I’ve pursued for a very long time.
And here I am, finally releasing my first game that has real online cross-platform support, because why not?

Paweł Rotter (aka Semi Rukiya)

I have many names and many roles, but specifically for HAM, I’m a Game Designer and 2D Artist.
I’m a big game-making enthusiast and I always strive to deliver the best product possible. I also play games.


A mysterious individual who is tasked with the art of Game Design and 2D Graphics. Legends say… something?